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Budget: $1250 - $5000
Created: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 10:19:43


Project summary: Website with custom product builder to customize shoes online, preview the result and complete the order...Custom Shoe Builder

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Custom Shoe Builder C 2012-06-05 15:37:16 Project summary: Website with custom product builder to customize shoes online, preview the result and complete the order...Custom Shoe Builder Project summary: Website with custom product builder to customize shoes online, preview the result and complete the order... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1250 5000 fixed 137 eCommerce 319 3 eCommerce 2013-10-11 01:55:30 1 0 1 With more than 22 million online global customers searching for products and services daily, e-commerce became widely used. E-commerce can help you with buying and selling your products and services through electronic systems such as computer networks and the internet. offers you a lot of e-commerce projects , with clients looking for e-commerce sites that shouldn't just "wow" customers - it should also be well-organized and easy to navigate.
Our clients need powerful e-commerce websites and professional business websites that have the functionality to create a successful online business. supplies e-commerce freelancers with thousands of projects, having clients from all over the world looking to have the job done professionally and settling for nothing but the best. If you believe you can do that, then start bidding on e-commerce projects and get paid with an average of $200 per project depending on the size and nature of your work.

Many people love the ease of buying online as it saves time and money by allowing a customer to browse hundreds of items at the click of a mouse, so it's all about letting people know about the products or services you can offer them.

When it comes to E-Commerce websites, or an E-Commerce redesign, you need an expert freelancer that is focused and experienced in providing the best in professional E-Commerce web design solutions who can work closely with you to turn your vision into reality.

{{SITE_NAME}} has thousands of {{?demonym?{{demonym}} ?demonym?}}E-Commerce Professionals who can help you with all your E-Commerce needs and deliver their work on time and to budget.

{{SITE_NAME}} is offering you professional {{?demonym?{{demonym}} ?demonym?}}E-Commerce Freelancers who can help you with:

  • Building E-Commerce and online shopping sites.
  • Adding & managing products easily.
  • Mixing creativity, simplicity and accessibility.
  • Content management systems in WordPress - Joomla - Drupal - Magento - OpenCart.

Hire {{?person?{{person}} ?person?}}{{!person!an !person!}}E-Commerce Expert today on {{SITE_NAME}} and experience the highest quality of work, delivered on time and at a fraction of the cost.

e Commerce Developer Developers Programmer Programmers 0 0 eCommerce Developer an eCommerce Developer eCommerce Developers eCommerce 181 12 Flash 105 0 Flash 2013-12-23 23:04:37 3 0 1 Outsource jobs relating to Flash through the richest source, When you crowdsource, you will be able to get the best talented freelancers working for this category of work from many countries. You can assign them the work immediately and save a lot of time and money. You can assign the job in a part-time or full-time basis depending on the job volume. Flash is a medium commonly employed to create an effective advertisement by developing a high end internet application.
Freelance professionals in the Flash area will develop, create and work with all the Flash components and help the company by building a Flash-based web application for the net. The talented Flash professional freelancer has a lot of experience working in Flash, and hence can handle the project with utmost ease and simplicity. They will be able to add a Codec to your Flash movie through the Flash media server by using the RTMP protocol. Their other skills include action script, website design and HTML, apart from Flash.
Freelancers looking for Flash jobs can get the perfect one through Simply browse the posted jobs, give a price quotation, and get picked by the best employer.

Adding a Flash effect and Flash animation gives a great look and appearance to any of the site, and if your company wants to hire such services of {{?person?{{person}} ?person?}}{{!person!a !person!}}Flash developer, {{SITE_NAME}} is the best place to get your projects done. Freelancers will help you to reach the perfect people who are interested to take your project for a low price. You have the flexibility of various hiring packages like hourly hiring, part time hiring and full time hiring. Get the best {{?demonym?{{demonym}} ?demonym?}}2D and 3D Flash Animators through {{SITE_NAME}} for an affordable rate.

You can hire {{?demonym?{{demonym}} ?demonym?}}Flash Animators from {{SITE_NAME}} for the following reasons:

  • Provide offshore advantage, decrease the development and designing cost by 50%
  • Custom animation and designing that are tailored to suit your business needs
  • Flexibility in handling if you make any project changes
  • Direct communication with the designers and the flash animators
  • Get your monthly or weekly reports for the project
  • Extensive range of animators to choose from

Hire the best {{?demonym?{{demonym}} ?demonym?}}Flash Developers and Animators by posting your project today with {{SITE_NAME}}.

Flash is important in our everyday interaction with computers and the internet. Issues related to this field might be too much to handle for most people, which is why you should find {{?person?{{person}} ?person?}}{{!person!an !person!}}expert on {{SITE_NAME}} when you have such needs.

Flash is a software and multimedia platform that is used authoring games, rich internet applications, animation, vector graphics, and allows playing and execution. It is also widely used in adding audio players and streaming videos on web pages. If you are faced with problems related to Flash, you should find {{?person?{{person}} ?person?}}{{!person!a !person!}}professional aon {{SITE_NAME}} to give you all the installation and running assistance that you may need.

{{SITE_NAME}} is the leading freelancing site where people can find experts in different fields, including Flash related issues. You will enjoy different benefits such as getting a chance to employ people by going through their profiles and choosing those that you think are suitable for the job you have posted. You will also get to pay for the job done once it is completed according to your liking. You can join {{SITE_NAME}} today. It's an easy process. Just post a job, wait for the bids then select a {{?demonym?{{demonym}} ?demonym?}}Flash professional to handle your issues.

Macromedia Flash Professional Professionals Designer Designers 0 0 Flash Professional a Flash Professional Flash Professionals Flash 222 335 HTML 1752 40 HTML.1 2010-03-28 03:37:18 1 0 1 HTML is a standard for web pages. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is used widely by web designers and developers for developing and maintaining websites. If you need help working with HTML then you can reach out to freelancers for the same. You can find such freelancers right here. Simply post a HTML job today!

HTML is crucial for the construction of a high quality website and it should be left to professionals who are available at {{SITE_NAME}}.

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and is the language used in creating web pages and different types of info as displayed on web browsers. You may have come across HTML but if not, it is the funny looking language that has words or letters enclosed in angle brackets. Most of the tags will appear in pairs such that there is an opening and a closing tag. In between the opening and closing tag, the {{?demonym?{{demonym}} ?demonym?}}developer can add whatever text they may need to.

HTML is a complex language that requires deeper studies and a lot of experience. If you want to run a business website, then you will need a lot of HTML work done. It is probably impossible to learn the language overnight and set up the website as fast as you want it. {{SITE_NAME}} has taken care of you in this area by gathering some of the best HTML experts in the market.

{{SITE_NAME}} has thousands of {{?demonym?{{demonym}} ?demonym?}}HTML Developers and Experts who are ready to start work on your HTML jobs or projects.

HTML can be comfortably referred to as the essential building blocks of a website and thus there is no room for mistakes when doing it. To be on the safe side, it is important to hire a professional to handle the work that they are well trained to do. There are many {{?demonym?{{demonym}} ?demonym?}}experts in this field and all you need to do is to post your job with descriptions of what you are interested in and wait for the experts to respond to your post. You can then choose whoever you think qualifies best for the position you are offering.

Hire {{?demonym?{{demonym}} ?demonym?}}HTML Developers and Experts from {{SITE_NAME}} to build the best website possible for you and your business or company.

Web Developer Developers Programmer Programmers 0 0 Web Developer a Web Developer Web Developers HTML 278 56 Shopping Carts 252 1 Shopping-Carts 2013-12-29 19:26:15 1 0 1 Shopping carts have been used by e-commerce sites to facilitate purchasing by web customers. Shopping cart is an online metaphor for a shopping basket used in supermarkets. Online shoppers add or remove items from a shopping cart and when they are ready to check out, they pay and take delivery of the goods or services. If your business is implementing online shopping carts and needs help for the same then you can take the help of freelance shopping cart experts.
If you can work under pressure, and are an expert at working on shopping cart projects, supplies freelancers with thousands of projects and clients from all over the world looking to use your expertise to have their jobs done professionally and settling for nothing but the best.
If you believe you can do that, then start bidding on shopping cart projects and get paid with an average of $200 per project depending on the size and nature of your work.

Online shopping has become more popular than ever. For your business or company to succeed, you need to sell your products or services online. One of the most important elements of online shopping is Shopping Carts. Shopping carts is a piece of software that acts as an online store's catalogue and allows online customers to search, accumulate a list of items for purchase and add product or services to their shopping carts for eventual purchase.

{{SITE_NAME}} is the one place where you can find thousands of expert {{?demonym?{{demonym}} ?demonym?}}freelancers who are experienced professionals in dealing with shopping carts like Pay Pal, Joomla, WordPress, Magneto, oscommerce or PrestaShop.

{{?demonym?{{demonym}} ?demonym?}}Shopping Carts Freelancers can be hired to:

  • Establish Shopping Carts
  • Retail Shopping Carts
  • Transferring Shopping Carts to Magento
  • Shopping Carts Integration
  • Build custom Shopping Cart software based on your needs

Take your business online and achieve maximum growth by hiring {{?person?{{person}} ?person?}}{{!person!a !person!}}Shopping Cart Professional on {{SITE_NAME}}.

In eCommerce or online marketing, shopping carts refer to the software on the website that allows online shoppers to gather all the items they intend to buy into a cart before eventually making the purchase. It is similar to the common carts used in supermarkets and stores, only that this is for online stores.

For you to be able to run an online store effectively, you need to have shopping carts for your online business customers. It is worth noting that developing these carts require IT skills that many people operating online businesses do not have. If you are among this group, you need to worry no more. You can have your shopping carts done by experts from all parts of the world without having to leave your business premises. All you need is to hire {{?person?{{person}} ?person?}}{{!person!an !person!}}expert on {{SITE_NAME}}.

On {{SITE_NAME}}, you get tested experts to do your job. Here, professionals do what they are best at. Services on {{SITE_NAME}} are affordable and you have the right to choose {{?person?{{person}} ?person?}}{{!person!an !person!}}expert whom you are convinced is the most qualified to make your shopping carts. All you need is to visit the website, create an account, post your jobs, and wait for experts to bid. You can then select the most suitable bidder to work on your shopping carts and pay when you are satisfied with the finished project.

Shopping Cart Software Designer Designers Developer Developers 0 0 Shopping Cart Designer a Shopping Cart Designer Shopping Cart Designers Shopping_Carts 512 17 Website Design 1857 107 Website-Design 2013-12-23 23:43:14 3 0 1 Have you finally decided to launch your new website but you are still stuck with the theme? Maybe you have a specific theme on your mind, a hypothetical one, and want to make it into reality. Well we have the best professional, expert, and qualified freelancers ready to design a unique website with every single detail about your site like the content, the way it looks, and the way it works.
If you can work under pressure, are an expert at working on website design projects, then supplies freelancers with thousands of projects and clients from all over the world looking to use your expertise and to have their jobs done professionally, settling for nothing but the best.
If you believe you can do that, then start bidding on website design projects and get paid with an average of $200 per project depending on the size and nature of your work.

Website design is expensive when done in house but when done by freelancers, it is cheap.

I know website design, I know HTML and others. Why should I hire a professional to do this for me? This is what many people think. Now there is a difference between a website and a business website. The design of a business website is far different from what one would see in a personal website. For example, let's start with the domain name registration. For a business website, the search engine optimization starts right at the choice of the domain name because a good name must incorporate a keyword or key phrase for products or services under your niche.

Other things that must be considered in the website design include the layout. What is your theme? This will depend on the products and services that you intend to sell. For example, if the website is for fashion, then colors like pink, yellow and blue would be great for feminine fashion. Other important aspects that you will need on your website include the shopping features like carts and so forth. To make a professional website, you have to have the skill and the experience.

A website design does not have to cost you too much. One, you need to forget the local firms because such will be very pricey. Just go to {{SITE_NAME}}, look for {{?demonym?{{demonym}} ?demonym?}}freelance website designers, and save money. You cannot hire an office based website designer, because after the website is fully developed, you may not need the services of the designer anymore. In addition, you will have to pay that person their benefit, taxes and even insurance. To avoid all those hassles, just hire a freelancer from {{SITE_NAME}} to implement the design that you have in mind in your site.

Hire {{?demonym?{{demonym}} ?demonym?}}Website Designers today from {{SITE_NAME}} get the best website design at a fraction of the cost which will help grow your business!

Web design is crucial in developing websites, but it is not something that everybody can do. If you want this field handled professionally, then you should use {{SITE_NAME}} to find experts to solve your issues.

Web design is used in the production and maintenance of a website. Some of the parts of this field are graphic design, authoring, interface design, search engine optimization, user experience design among many other parts. Web design has complex parts that cannot be understood without proper knowledge, which is why you should find professionals on {{SITE_NAME}}.

{{SITE_NAME}} is a platform that brings professionals and people looking for their services on one site. This means that there are many web design professionals waiting for you to post a job. When you create an account, you will be able to post jobs that experts will bid on. The only thing that you will have to do is select the freelancer according to what you are looking for in terms of professionalism and budget. You will be the boss and pay when the job is completed. Join {{SITE_NAME}} today and get to hire a web design professional to handle your issues.

Website Development Freelancer Freelancers Developer Developers 1 0 Website Designer a Website Designer Website Designers Website_Design 613
eCommerce Flash HTML Shopping Carts Website Design
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